Sarina Chocolate is a visitors center specializing in chocolate and chocolate workshops in Moshav Ein Vered  located in the Sharon area near Netanya.

The venue is very spacious and well-equipped, and also boasts a pleasant country ambience.

At the visitors center, you can:

  • Learn to make chocolate in one of our many chocolate workshops.
  • Visit a greenhouse to see cocoa trees.
  • Watch a short film on the world of chocolate.
  • Watch a professional chocolatier make chocolate products.
  • Purchase chocolate products in our shop.
  • We offer a variety of workshops and events:
  • Workshops:
    • For children
    • For adults
    • For the whole family
  • Birthday parties, family events, and corporate team-building events
  • The option of meals/refreshments, available at all events

 Kosher Certificate (Dairy) issued by the Lev Hasharon Rabbinate.

:About Us

.Sarina Chocolate is managed by Ms. Limor Drucker

.Limor grew up in South Africa and made Aliyah at age 18, straight to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she studied English literature and education

.For many years she worked as a high school teacher near Ein Vered (about a 30-minute drive from Tel Aviv), where she raised her family

  .Limor acquired the professional skills of a chocolatier during a six-year stay with her family in Frankfurt Germany

.She implemented her European experience and European standards in designing and building the visitors’ center at Ein Vered on the farm owned by the family

.Combining her rich teaching experience with her expertise in making chocolate, Limor gives highly enjoyable workshops in Hebrew or in English, her native tongue


:To contact us and to schedule a visit


Telephone: +972-77-5255-37

.Our address: Sarina Chocolate, Hahadarim st.9 Ein Vered